OFCCP Sends First Round of CSALs in Fiscal Year 2013

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (“OFCCP”) just issued nearly 2,000 Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (“CSALs”) to individual establishments of government contractors.  The CSAL provides notification to contractors that one or more of their establishments are on the list of contractor establishments selected to undergo a compliance evaluation during the scheduling cycle. CSALs do not commence compliance evaluations.  Instead, OFCCP sends CSALs as a courtesy to contractors to give them advance notice of an audit so contractors can plan to manage and budget their time for the upcoming audit.

In the past, OFCCP sent CSALs to the contractor’s headquarter establishment when the contractor had multiple establishments selected for a compliance evaluation during the scheduling cycle.  OFCCP, however, is sending these CSALs to individual establishments, rather than the headquarters location.  Moreover, they are being addressed to the Human Resources Director rather than the corporate OFCCP compliance contact for the contractor.  As a result, contractors should inform their HR managers at individual establishments to be on the lookout for CSALs.

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