Why this blog?

Simply, because our clients and contacts who are federal government contractors have asked us for it.  We field numerous calls and inquiries asking for clarification and guidance regarding the near-daily developments and the intense enforcement efforts of OFCCP and related agencies and departments.

While many of the issues need to be thought through clearly for each contractor and discussed under the protection of attorney-client privilege, there are still so many questions we are asked that overlap each other.  This blog is a central place to answer those immediate questions.  This is a place where people can learn about the developments, get a practical take on them, and interact with each other to share different points of view.

Topics we plan to cover include:

  • Whistleblower statutes and policies
  • Anti-kickback and revolving door issues
  • Business ethics policies and self-disclosure trends
  • Requirements of the deemed export rule
  • Restrictive covenant and trade secrets issues
  • Ongoing wage and hour developments
  • OFCCP/Affirmative action compliance
  • Privatization and transition requirements
  • Additional employment obligations imposed by government contracts

We may cover more as we go, and we look forward to your participation.

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